Relapse prevention – Core Issues

In the Preparation Stage of Change and even further down the Recovery Path it is important to identify the core issues that put us at risk for relapse.  Below is a list of possible issues, check the ones that apply to you.  There are some blank spaces to add your own that you are aware of now or that come up as you move forward.

Once you have identified the issue, think about  what might be a possible solution. I have put a few examples in the first two issues. A solution or coping strategy might have to do with changing thoughts, or it might involve some sort of relaxation or self soothing technique. Add more columns if you have additional ideas.

Building your toolbox with coping strategies is a valuable part of relapse prevention and recovery.



Core Issue


Strategy 1

Strategy 2

1.    Resentment   Communicate with the person you feel resentment towards. Practice forgiveness.
2.    Guilt   Recognize that guilt only hurts you. Check in to examine if guilt is warranted. Make amends.
3.    Urges & Cravings      


4.    Family Issues      


5.    Relationships      


6.    Fear      


7.    Sexual Issues      


8.    Wanting to fit in      


9.    Thinking Errors      


10.  Finances






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