Here is a list of some sites to check out for additional support and information. I have not thoroughly reviewed each and every site, my goal is to give you as many resources as possible.

I will continue to add to this over time and if you have found a site that has been particularly helpful, please share itSelf Help Groups and Options

Self-Help Groups & Options

  • Smart Recovery. org (Online Recovery Community)
  • ( LifeRing Secular Recovery )
  • (Women For Sobriety)
  • (Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • (Adult Children of Alcoholics)
  • (Cocaine Anonymous)
  • (Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)
  • (Overeaters Anonymous)
  • Gamblers Anonymous)
  • (Narcoticas Anonymous)
  • (Info on all 12 step programs)
  • (Marijuana Anonymous)
  • Nicotine-anonymous.og (Nicotine Anonymous)
  • (Sexaholics Anonymous)
  • – (CoDependents Anonymous)
  • (Crystal Meth Anonymous)
  • (Online recovery community)

Support for Family and Friends

  • (Alanon, for family members of alcoholics)
  • (Gamanon, family members of gambling addicts)
  • (Adult children of addicts & dysfunctional families)
  • (Naranon, family members of drug addicts)
  • (Group for codependent individuals)

Government Agencies for Support

  • (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration)
  • (National Institue of Drug Abuse)
  • (National Institute of Alchol Abuse & Alcoholism)
  • (National Institute of Mental Health)
  • (Stop Smoking)



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