Setting Daily Intentions – 10 Day Challenge

Does setting daily intentions really work? What exactly is an intention? How do I set an intention? We will explore the answers to those questions and more. I am also inviting you to take the 10-day challenge. Set a daily intention for 10 days and make note of any successes you notice.

I am often amazed by the outcome I get when I take the time to set an intention for the day, or even in the moment. I would love for you to have the same experience.

In the world of addictions this is a great tool for moments when you feel you might be put in a risk situation.

What Is An Intention

An intention is an inspired statement that you set and send out to the Universe, it allows your Internal Guidance System to be activated. It opens your receptivity to focus on a thought about how you would like the day to go.

I get it, that may sound a little woo woo, however I know it works.

Rather than having the day just happen, what if you knew where you wanted to go, or how you wanted to show up for something, and by activating your receptivity or Internal Guidance System you were able to influence that outcome. Wouldn’t it be worth giving it a try?

The Power Of Intentions

Where thoughts go energy flows. There are studies that show that our thoughts can impact an outcome. If you haven’t seen the work by Dr. Masaru Emoto you need to check it out. His work proved that water can be influenced by thoughts and intention. Our body is 90% water. Not only will setting intentions and sending out positive thoughts impact you, it will have a positive impact on the people around you because our energy affects others.

Setting an intention can lower your stress level and make you more effective. By setting an intention such as allowing yourself to be human and imperfect, or by setting an intention around accomplishing something in a timely manner.

Voicing your intention can allow you to let go of the focus on your problems and perceived shortcomings. It can open the space for you to let intuition, inspiration, and even guidance come to you.

There are so many ways to use intentions, you can use an intention to be more mindful and present to the small things and open your awareness to those things you miss because you are absorbed in the have tos and the shoulds, or just on auto pilot.

I really want to drive home that there is a benefit of doing this. Thoughts lead the way. Setting intentions allows the brain to be more receptive to something different. You are now deliberately creating a different response to something, or showing up a different way. You have sent a message to the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain to allow something new in. The RAS is the part of the brain that filters out what isn’t relevant, we are opening it up to give us additional information. (RAS is a whole thing and needs a post of its own for another day). It comes down to what you focus on.

Difference Between Affirmations, Goals, and Intentions

Goal setting is about creating a plan for a future outcome and setting action steps. Goal setting is all about future focus.

Affirmations are a declaration that something is true and stated as if it has already happened. It can feel similar to an intention because you are creating a picture of how you want something to be. For instance “I am confident and assertive when I am with others.” Affirmations are more about changing beliefs, affirming what you want as if it has already manifested.

Intentions are about the now, this moment, as you move towards your goals. Intentions are about who you are as are creating your future. The above affirmation as an intention would look like this, “Today I will focus on being more confident and assertive with others.”

All three practices can have a role in the process of change, and letting go of addictions and habitual behaviors.

Steps In Setting An Intention

Following are some steps that you can use to get in touch with what you want to focus your thoughts and energy intentionally towards.

Step 1: Sit quietly and focus on your breathing.

Come into a place of calm, gratitude, and openness. Allow yourself to be quiet and in a place of contentment.

Step 2: Once you feel calm and grounded, think about the day ahead.

Or next day if you are creating them the night before. Use some of the following questions to come up with an intention that is relevant. Your intention is more powerful if it is yours and not influenced by others shoulds and beliefs.

Here are some questions that you might ask yourself to identify what you want your intention to be:

  • What is a quality or trait you would like to express more?
  • Will you be meeting with someone and have some stress around how that meeting will go?
  • Are you working on eating healthier or moving your body more?
  • Are you trying to think more positively?
  • How do you want to show up for others?
  • How do you want to show up for you?
  • How do you want to behave, feel?
  • Are you working on changing a behavior? Staying abstinent?
  • Are you wanting to be more present and connected to loved ones?
  • Are you trying to achieve more life balance?

Focus on something that you would like and set your intention for that day.

Step 3: Write it down

Once you have determined your intention write it down so you can carry it with you.

Step 4: Release any need to control the outcome and give it to the Universe

Intentions aren’t about controlling the situation, they are about allowing something to unfold for your highest good. So just relax. When I catch myself getting stressed out I often remind myself “The Universe has my back, all is well” and I find that it is true, most things work out even better than I anticipated.

Your focused intentions are enough to set things in motion, you don’t have to be vigilant and monitor anything, just be open to the possibilities.

The 10-Day Challenge

The goal during the 10-day challenge is to choose a different intention every day so you can experience the power of intention in different areas of your life. If it feels better to you to choose one intention and stay with that everyday then do that.

Read your intention 10 times or more daily. This will embed it into you subconscious mind and you will start to act in accordance with the new intention.

Write down your intention and read it at least 10 times throughout the day for the 10-day challenge. This is to help you get in the practice of remembering to set intentions and also to give the attention more energy.

When starting a new habit it is helpful to have reminders. It is so easy to go into autopilot and fall into habitual ways of being that we sometimes need a little nudge or reminder that we are doing something new. Writing it down and carrying it with you, setting a timer to remember to read it, will give you the ?

Mindful Intentions

I do feel like intentions are very personal based on your values and desires. If you feel stuck creating your own, here are a few examples. You can use them just as they are or change them up to fit your situation.

If you are meeting with someone the intention could look like

I intend for my meeting with X to go well, to express from a place of love, to be open to a positive and joyful experience.


I intend to show up for my meeting with X being my authentic and loving self and relax and enjoy our time together

Intentions around health –

  • Today I intend to listen to my body and nourish it with healthy food.
  • Today I will be kind and loving to my physical and emotional self.
  • Today I intend to listen to my body and choose the type of exercise that allows my body to gain optimal health and fitness.

    If you are working on being more mindful or focusing on the positive –

  • Today I intend to be open to the good that is and the good that is becoming in my life.
  • Today I intend to enjoy feeling a sense of gratitude for the blessings in my life.

If you are working on a project or creating something you might try this one

I am open and willing to allow my flow of clarity and creativity and come away from this experience loving what I created.

When you get in the car, take a ride on a bike, are getting ready to travel on a plane –

Today I intend to relax and enjoy my journey, experience a nice smooth flow of movement, and arrive at my destination on time and feeling great.

To lower stress –

Today I choose to relax and allow myself to be imperfect, I will let the day unfold without the need to control the outcome of my experiences throughout the day.

To stay abstinent or change a behavior –

  • Today I intend to keep my commitment to maintain abstinence, I will check in and be gentle with myself during this time.
  • Today I will accept myself as I am and honor myself for making positive changes in my life.
  • Today I will work on creating balance in my life and have patience with myself as I go through this process of change.
  • Today I will not take myself so seriously, I will laugh at myself and allow myself to be the flawed individual that I am.

Keep track of daily successes

Keep a journal of the things you notice that feel as though they came about as a result of your intention.

It’s easy to dismiss that things have changed or that we are seeing things differently if we don’t take the time to notice it. Writing it down and keeping track will allow you to see the benefits of setting intentions.

Be well, Peace and Joy on your recovery path!

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