EFT Script For Self Acceptance and Self Worth

So often when I work with clients in recovery they doubt their self-worth. Feelings of guilty and failure as a human being take up a lot of space in their thoughts. Self acceptance is difficult and if you can’t accept who you are and what you’ve done how can you expect someone else to. I’ve … Read more

Practicing Spirituality In Recovery

What brings you a sense of peace, what fills your spirit, what helps you find meaning in life? The answer to those questions are what I believe are the answer to what is spirituality? Answering those questions is essential to having recovery that lasts. Practicing spirituality in recovery is how we start to feel whole again. … Read more

Staying Sober During A Pandemic

Dealing with everything that is happening in the world is a lot right now. Life is stressful. It’s easy to want to escape and fall back into “what’s the point, I need a break from all of this.” For those of us that have some unhealthy coping strategies this can create the kind of excuse … Read more

Steps For Recovery – The Easy Way Out

Looking for a way out is usually what gets people to search online for how to stop addictive behaviors. How do I change habits? What are the steps for recovery? Whatever the search was that got you to this page, as an addict we are usually looking for the easy way out. And I say … Read more

10 Steps To Improving Self Esteem – Learning Self Love

Love Yourself

Self-esteem simply put is how you feel about yourself. Your feelings of self-worth and personal value. In his Self Esteem Workbook, author Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph. D., describes healthy self-esteem as a realistic, appreciative opinion of one self. When we are constantly judging our self and looking for outside validation that we are worthy, life … Read more

Stages Of Change Model – Tasks and Obstacles

I was introduced to the following information through an online program I attended during one of my many recovery attempts. It comes from the book Changing For Good, by Prochaska, Norcross, & Diclemente(2006). They outline the tasks and obstacles associated with each of the 5 stages of change. I wrote an earlier post on the … Read more