Unhelpful Ways Of Thinking – 10 Thinking Errors

Have you heard the statement – It isn’t what’s happening to you, it is your perception of what’s happening that creates your emotional state? If not, I’m going to ask you to ponder that statement a bit and then think about the last time someone cut you off in traffic. What happened? Did you get … Read more

Ready To Change – First Steps Toward Recovery

Change can be daunting, overwhelming, and necessary. Change can be something you really want, it can be exciting and still be stressful. When you are ready to make a change it’s important to be clear why you want to change and what your proposed outcome will be. Planning is vital, so is knowing your motivation, … Read more

Welcome To Recovery Path Support

Welcome to Recovery Path Support. I would like to introduce myself to you and let you know why I created this site. My name is Mj and I have been playing with recovery for years. I have abused alcohol and drugs, I have been addicted to sugar, caffeine, information, food, and the one that really … Read more